GBRVU displays Gerber data (RS274D and RS274X) on screen and enables the PCB designer to make check plots to most hardcopy devices. GBRVU also acts as a platform for additional modules that create contours and extract data to GDSII, DXF and EGS data formats.


Fast Viewing of Large Files

RS274D, RS274X and MDA

Measure and Info

Hi Resolution Plotting

Convert 274D to 274X

GBRUnion Module*

* requires additional licensed module

screen shot of GBRVU


Windows 7/10

Data Sheet


Revision History


Data Sheet


Revision History

OEM Display Library

Artwork has been requested by several OEMs to develop a library that can aid them in displaying Gerber data from within their application (typically mask writer or mask inspection control software. More Details

Application Notes

Converting Drill Files to Gerber

A utility program that reads Excellon drill files and converts them to Gerber format. Includes tool definition, format conversion and coordinate offset.

Creating Hi-Res Bitmaps

Hi resolution bitmaps are very useful for dropping into page layout applications. Describes how to set up GBRVU's BMP and TIFF bitmap drivers. (PDF, 47KB, 4 Pages)

D-codes, Apertures and Gerber Plot Files

A basic tutorial about Gerber files - what's in them, what you need to know to use them.

What's All This About RS274X Anyway?

An overview and tutorial describing the RS274X specification and how plotting information is embedded into the file's header.

RS274D to RS274X

A basic tutorial about converting old RS274D files to RS274X format.

Gerber mass parameter commands

GBRVU support for Gerber mass parameter commands

Extract Flash Centers

A utility that enables the user to click on flashes (or groups of flashes and extract the center (or group center) to a text file. Normally used for extraction of target data used to correct image writers and inspection machines.

Running GBRVU from the command line

Describes how to run GBRVU from the command line - useful for batch applications.