Supports RS274D, RS274X and MDA formats.

Display up to 128 layers

Flags D-codes that are used but not defined

Preview "paint and scratch" or negative plots

High Resolution Output to printers and plotters.

RS274X supported including G36/G37 polygons

FIRE 9000 Autoplot with embedded apertures and Poex/Poin

Highlights "illegal" polygons

Excellon drill output

Interface to GBRUNION to create a contour of the Gerber data

Interface to GBRVUX to create a DXF file from the viewer


GBRVU enables designers to graphically display any Gerber photoplotter file in true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) fashion on a PC or workstation graphics screen. Once loaded, the data is available for viewing, verifying, and measuring. Data cannot be modified in any way. The menu driven program is easy to learn and to use.

GBRVU is an integral part of Artwork's translation packages but can also stand alone. The special composite viewing feature makes it useful even to those that have other Gerber viewing programs or have written their own Gerber output modules.


Many designers need to make checkplots directly from Gerber data generated by their board design software. Such a checkplot more accurately reflects the final film than plots made directly from within the application. GBRVU supports most standard plotters and printers; specialized raster plotter support is also available for high end electrostatic plotters.

GBRVU supports both the FIRE 9000 Autoplot header with embedded apertures and Gerber's RS274X format including custom apertures, polygons and merged dark and clear layers.


Plotter Drivers


GBRVU is an excellent program for generating checkplots. It is very fast when sending raster data to either an HP LaserJet or to one of HP's large inkjet plotters such as the HP 800, 650C or 1050 etc.

GBRVU/W correctly plots RS274X or MDA Autoplot as the data will appear on film. Many other packages fail to fill the polygons correctly, fail on custom apertures or don't properly support dark and clear internal layers.


  • Postscript and Postscript II (color and bw)

  • HPGL2 (color and bw)

  • PCL4 (bw 300 and 600 dpi up to 11 x 17 inches)

  • RTL (for HP color inkjets & compatibles)

  • Epson (for Epson printers)

  • Bitmaps: TIFF and BMP.


    Hardware/OS Requirements

    • Pentium or Athlon Class CPU
    • 512 MB RAM (Recommended)
    • 50MB of disc space
    • 256 Color Display with at least 1024 x 768 resolution.
    • Windows NT/2000/XP
    • Mouse or other pointing device
    • Parallel Port for the Hardware Key or Network Card for MAC address locking

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