WireBond Package Server

Welcome to the WireBond Package Server. This WEB site describes a powerful set of programs used to manage bond shells: Bondmaster Database Browser, Die Clean, Die Image and the Wirebond Application.

This program can be customized for any company which needs to manage a large number of bond shells where new die designs are to be bonded into existing packages.

Questions and Suggestions:  Steve DiBartolomeo

The Main WireBond Menu

Upon starting the WIREBOND application the user is presented with the main menu. This menu launches all of the applications that make up the WireBond Packaging Tools.

screenshot of main menu: amd_wb.gif

Click on the buttons to see what action occurs...

Die Clean Extracts Pads from GDSII, numbers them.
Die Image Creates a bitmap image of the die
Design Rules Downloads the wire design rules
Preferences sets users preferences for directories, server
Suggestions send Email Suggestion to Administrator
Exit Exits the Application
Help Launches the Online Help
Bondmaster Browser Starts the Bondmaster Browser
Wirebond Module Starts the Wirebonding Module