This module downloads the index of packages from a central server (via ftp) and enables the user to scan through the available packages. The user can filter so that only packages that meet certain criterion are displayed.

Criterion Include:

  • Package Family
  • Die Attach Paddle Size
  • Number of Pins
The Bondmaster Main Window

bondmaster main

Upon starting the Bondmaster Viewer, it immediately contacts the package database ftp server and downloads the index file known as dwgs.txt. This contains the list of all parts in the database along with their pin count, package family, paddle size and release information.

This information is displayed in spreadsheet format.

Package Family

The package family pulldown enables the user to view only members of that particular package family. For example if the user chooses to see FBGA's, the display might look like the one below:

bondmaster for fbga


In addition to filtering by package family a product engineer can use additional criteria to filter the displayed packages. By pressing the Filter button a new dialog opens up.

filter dialog

Filtering by Part Size

If you select this option then you can specify the number of leads (must be an exact match) and enter the die width and height. Only parts whose paddle exceeds the die width and height by 0.040 inch (40 mils) will be selected.

Filtering by Part Number

If you know the part number, then check this radio button and enter it.


You wish to find all packages that have 24 leads and will accomodate a die that is 0.1 by 0.1 inch in size. Your filter entry will look as follows:

filt values

Here is what you will see when these filter values are in effect.

Viewing a Package

To further inspect the suitability of a package for your die, you can view it. Each package has an associated PDF file stored on the database server.

Clicking on the View button downloads the PDF file from the server, starts up Adobe Acrobat and passes Acrobat the file.

Acrobat view of the package. You can pan, zoom and print.

Downloading a Package

To download a package to your local machine click on the Download button. A File dialog box will open enabling you to decide where to put the file.


You can access the Preferences dialog from the File pulldown. The dialog enables a user to modify certain default setttings. These settings are stored in the Windows registry.

the ftp site and directory where the dwgs.txt file is stored.
PDF Files
the ftp site and directory where the PDF files are stored.
Drawing Files
the ftp site and directory where the AutoCAD dwgs are stored.
Database Name
name of the index file. Normally is dwgs.txt.
User Login
The login name that has been assigned to you. This need not be the same as your Windows login name but is established by the manager of the package ftp server.
User Password
The password associated with your account. This need not be the same as your Windows password but is established by the manager of the package ftp server.

Changing the Password

In order to change your password you must first type in your current password and then type in the new password twice - once to enter it and once to verify it.

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