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Wafer Dimensions and Parameters

wafer dimensions (when a wafer flat is present

Wafer Dimensions (for wafers with a "flat".) Good die are completely inside the margin region.

Most modern wafers use a small notch. This normally does not reduce useful die count because it does not extend past the margin.

wafer dimensions (when a wafer notch is present


Wafer Diameter/Margin/Notch

Step & Repeat Parameters

Dealing with Reticle Data

Knock Out Die to Reveal Underlying Features

Drop in Alignment and Test Die

Leaving Sacrificial Die for Clipping

Creating a SINF output File


Clip Array to a Round Circle

Removing Slivers during Clip

Merging Data from External Files

Final Mask Set Output

Viewing and Checking Results

Auto Documentation of Unit Cell

Auto Documentation of Wafer Layout

Video - Multi Product Wafer in 10 minutes