Installing Tagger and Wirebond (page 3)

Where to Install

After the Install program starts you will be prompted to select where to install. You can pick any directory on any local drive you wish.

However if you wish to adhere to the default locations just click on OK.

Note: When updating your software, if the installer finds the program already installed before, it will select the pre-existing directory. It is best to install over the old version - otherwise you risk accidentally running an older version by mistake.

This window prompts the user to choose a destination location for the ACSLib program.

There are three components to Tagger and Wirebond: the ACS Libraries and the actual Tagger and Wirebond programs. The basic installation directories are shown at right:

Installation - Tagger / Wirebond

Execute the tagger.exe by double clicking on taggerXXX_2000.exe. The InstallShield Wizard will come up taking you step-by-step through the rest of the installaion process.


Make sure AutoCAD is closed when you start the installion process, otherwise the menus cannot be updated.

The Wirebond Install Wizard which takes the user step-by-step through the installation process.

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