Installing Tagger and Wirebond (page 4)


Type in the password which was sent to you via email from artwork or that was accompanied with the CDrom. Click on Next to continue.

The user must enter the password for the Wirebond and Tagger programs.


Select the license type you will be using and click on Next to continue.

This window prompts the user to choose the type of license they will be using for the program.

Installing the Key Stings

The keystring(s) enable the Wirebond and Tagger programs to run. The key string is normally emailed to you and will look something like:

     !#ACS dfSDFFf DGFGfgk GhghghH  EFbSEgW  DFgfgfA  GlkdifL  skddIIK  H

The key strings include a header which identifies the string as a key string: !#ACS The header is followed by seven groups of seven characters, (never any numbers).

At the end of the string should be a solitary H or S

    H - hostid; where the serial number is derived from the network cardís MAC address.
    S - Sentinel hardware key holds the serial number.

A single keystring can authorize the operation of up to 5 different programs; very likely your string will authorize both Tagger and Wirebond.

The Wirebond key codes which must be copied and pasted when prompted.

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