Installing Tagger and Wirebond (page 2)

Getting your machine’s HostID

If you have not already received passwords and key codes for the program, execute hostinfo2.exe on your machine. It should return a hostid such as 0xdb7e90da5000. Email the hostid and a request for password and keycodes to You will get an email back with the acslib password and the password and the keycodes for Tagger and Wirebond.

Installation - ACSlib

The acslib module should always be installed first because the libraries must be present when installing Tagger and Wirebond. Note: Before installing acslib and the other programs, close all windows - especially AutoCAD or the installation may not be completed successfully.

Execute the acslibXXX_2000.exe

This will install the acslib libraries and make a registry entry so that Tagger and Wirebond know where to find them.

The ACSLib Install Wizard takes the user step-by-step through the install process.

The password is required but no keycodes are needed to install acslib.

The user must enter the password for the ACSLib program.

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