Installing Tagger and Wirebond (page 5)

Installing Keystrings (cont...)

We recommend that you do not type them in but paste them from the email or from a file. Our experience is that you have less than a 1 in 4 chance of typing in the entire string without any errors.

Hitting the Next key puts these codes into a text file called acs.key which is located in the ACSlib directory. You can always open this file with Notepad or Wordpad or any text editor and examine or modify the file.

Paste the keycodes into the area provided.

Clicking on the Finish button will complete the installation process.

Install wizard notifies the user that the program has been installed.

Start up AutoCAD and load a lead frame drawing. You should see a Wirebond and Tagger pulldown. Click on it and the Wirebond or Tagger options will now be available.

Wirebond and Tagger have been installed successfully.

When AutoCAD is re-started the Wirebond and Tagger pulldowns should be accessible as shown above.

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