StepVu Stepper Control File Viewer

Revision History

This page lists the changes made to StepVu -- enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 1.04 4-16-2018

VS2015 Windows 64 bit

This version was compiled with VS2015 for Qckvu3 Windows 64 bit.

Version 1.03 4-16-2013

Scaling Bug in Offset Fixed

Fixed a bug when reading the offset values for SINF files. The correct offset is now performed.

Version 1.02c 4-13-2013

fixed margin scaling

Margin was incorrectly scaled. Fixed.

Reduced text size to avoid cell extents error.

(This is really a qkcvu3 problem but by reducing the text magnitude, Qckvu3 does not get confused about the cell extents.)

Die Count

Added a count of each die type to the log file

Version 1.02a 4-03-2013

Image Offset Error for ASML 5500

Fixed an error when computing the image offset and size.

Version 1.02 3-29-2013

Image Support

Added image support with layering in addition to cell outline.

Wafer Margin

Added ability to draw a user defined margin to show the exclusion zone.

Version 1.01 3-15-2013


Previous version would fail if the SINF input file did not have a value for wafer flat. If this occurs now, the program assumes that the wafer flat=0 and that it is on the bottom of the wafer.

Version 1.00a 1-28-2013

SINF Support Added

Added support for the SINF file format (used in wafer test)

Version 1.00 1-20-2013

Initial Release of StepVU as a PlugIn

This is the initial release of the Qckvu3/W plug-in version of StepVu and replaces the previous StepVu originally developed in 2003.

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