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This page contains the latest version of StepVu for download. If you are an existing customer you can download the latest version from this page. If you would like to evaluate StepVu please send an email as shown below requesting a password and temporary keycodes. Please fully identfiy your company and reason for evaluation.

StepVu is a plug-in to Artwork's Qckvu3. You must already have Qckvu3 installed and licensed prior to installing StepVu.

Example Email

Dear Artwork,

I have downloaded StepVu. We are using ASML steppers and would like to 
be able to view the stepper file to verify the instructions.

I got my machine's ethernet address and diskID using the flexlm utility 
lmtools_pkg.exe that you provided below:

They are:

ethernet        - 00036d1f32b3
Disk Volume SN  - 180e10cf

Please issue me an evaluation license.

 Thanks much,

 John Boy
 International Harvesting and Package Design
 10087 Champion Way Bldg 43,  Topeka Kansas 09323
 Tel (450) 132-2213  Fax (450) 132-2113



  StepVu 1.04 (for 64 bit Qckvu3 VS2015) 22 MB.

FLEXLM_Tools   Flexlm utility for Windows. 575KB. Unzip this, run it and select the system tab. Copy the ethernet address and disk volume serial number it reports. Send this to Artwork so we can generate a license string.

lmtools System Settings dialog

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