StepVu Stepper Control File Viewer

Q. Which stepper formats are supported?

A. Version 1.0 of StepVu supports the ASML PAS2500 and PAS5500 steppers. We are actively looking for other manufacturers (or their customers) who wish to work with us on supporting additional stepper data formats.

Q. Can I edit the stepper file from StepVu?

A. No - this is a viewer only. You can edit the stepper file with a text editor and then reload it.

Q. Can I view the detail inside of a cell (reticle shot)?

A. No. This information is not available from the stepper file. It would require that one have the Job Deck and MEBES files used to create the reticle and then it would require the ability to window out the specified image. While this is not impossible, it is a difficult task. If this is necessary for you, please contact Artwork for a quotation; we certainly could develop such a tool. Note that the amount of layout information on a wafer is tremendous so some approach to provide data in a small window on-the-fly would be required.

Q. What do you mean by "cell" and "image"

A. An image is a window defined on the reticle. A cell is a rectangle defined in the stepper control file. Each cell contains one or more images. For details click here

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