ASM 600 for Windows is a bidirectional translator between GDSII stream and Gerber. It is useful for generating photoplot artwork from IC layout tools that read and write GDSII such as Cadence's Virtuoso, Avanti's Apollo, Tanner's LEDIT, Design Workshop 2000 and others.


IC packages

Chemical milling masks

Hybrid circuits

MultiChip Modules

Microwave MMICs and MICs


  • Menu Driven

  • Multi-aperture Area Fill

  • MDA POEX or RS274X G36/G37

  • GDSII Viewer - (GDSVU)

  • Gerber Viewer - (GBRVU)

  • Reverse Gerber to GDSII Converter

  • Platform Requirements

    Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Pentium Class CPU w 64 MB RAM 800x600 256 Color Display

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