Installing and Configuring Flexlm on Windows

Artwork uses Globetrotter's (Macrovision's and now Flexera's) software licensing system called Flexlm. Flexlm is used by virtually every EDA company to license products.

License Server FAQ

Getting the license server's hostid (Windows)

Installing flexlm for the first time (Windows)

Installing Flexlm on Windows

A short tutorial taking the user through all the steps required to install and configure the flexlm license manager on a Windows machine. 05:18 mm:ss

Configuring the flexlm "service" using lmtools.exe

Installing artwork daemon on licenses on an existing flexlm server (windows)

Checking Status of the flexlm license server (Windows)

Creating a Second Service of the flexlm license server (Windows)

Setting the LM_LICENSE_FILE (Windows)

Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd Error -16,287 on Solaris

"artwork" Daemon and Flexlm 11.3 software download

"artwork" Daemon and Flexlm 11.11 software download

Flexlm license manager and Firewalls

Complete Flexlm Error Code List

Vendor daemon died with status 0

Artwork daemon won't start (due to directory name) 11-11-2003

Artwork daemon won't start due to samsuite date limitation 7-17-2007

lmtools does not report licensing correctly... 11-18-2003

Program is slow to start up in floating mode. 5-1-2008

FLEXnet Licensing error:-1,359. System Error 5-21-2009

Error: Non-activation-capable daemon 09-09-2009

Problem when vendor path name has spaces 11-04-2009

Flexlm error -16,287:22 "Invalid argument" 11-14-2009

Flexlm error -96 "License server machine is down or not responding. 1-10-2011

Flexlm error Failed to open any default TCP port 10-28-2010

Windows Flexlm Node locked installation 3-15-2011 error on Linux 64 bit 6-15-2011 error on Linux 64 bit 11-25-2011

ports used by license manager and daemon 11-25-2011

lmhostid and hostinfo return incorrect hostid 04-25-2012

Using the options file with Flexlm 1-7-2014

Flexlm reports TCP_NODELAY error 3-20-2015

Ubuntu 14.04.1 error ioctl failed: No such device 4-14-2015

Ubuntu 14.04.1 error hostinfo: No such file or directory 4-14-2015

Flexlm error Can't make directory /usr/tmp/.flexlm 6-14-2015

Installation Troubleshooting

Directory naming conflict with daemon name

One of our customers installed flexlm (lmgrd and the artwork.exe daemon) in a directory called:


Upon testing the installation he received an error informing him that the artwork daemon was down or that another instance of artwork was running. The actual problem seemed to be the name of the directory and some locking that the daemon does.

Changing the installation directory name to c:\flexlm, or c:\flexlm\artwork_conversion, or any directory path that does not end in artwork fixes the problem.

Older lmtools.exe reports no licenses

One of our customers installed flexlm version 8.1 on his server. When he tested the available licenses with the lmtools utility he found that it reported no licenses available.

Upon further testing and investigation we discovered that he was using an older version of lmtools, 7.0 (or lmutil) which apparently had trouble communicating with lmgrd 8.1 and later. Upon using a current version of lmtools the expected number of licenses were property identified.

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