lmtools does not report licensing correctly

When checking the status of the licenses using lmtools.exe, an error comes up.

[Detecting lmgrd processes...]
License server status: 27003@artwork
    License file(s) on artwork: C:\Tools\FLEXlm\Artwork.dat:
    artwork: license server UP (MASTER) v8.1
Vendor daemon status (on artwork):
   artwork: UP v8.1
Feature usage info:
Users of ACS352O: (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)
Users of ACSIO35: (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)

We found that older versions of lmtools.exe will not report the correct license status. It is important to load the latest lmtools.exe from our site and then check the license status.

Another possible reason for this error is when the wrong ethernet address was used to generate the codes. Using the Disk Serial Number instead of the ethernet address was a good solution.