What's in the Release

After installing the release package you should see a directory hierarchy like the one shown below:

directory list

artwork - this directory contains all of Artwork's required libraries, support modules, resource files and such. They are grouped this way so that an OEM can keep all of Artwork's deliverables in a single directory separate from the OEM's binaries.

bin - this is where the "calling application" would be located. We have put our example calling programs here.

documentation - not really full documentation. Just a summary of the command line for the sample calling program.

EXAMPLES - where we've put the sample Gerber files and batch files and where the results will appear.

gbrunion_dll_sample_vs2015 - the source code, headers, resource files and project files for the sample calling application.

include - the headers to be included when building the project.

lib - the two gbrunion library files - 32 and 64 bit

folder and file lists

Programmer's Corner

What's in the Release

Description of Functions

Example Flow

Polygon Data Structure

Sample Calling Application