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Go to Defined Coordinates

Sometimes a designer wants to inspect an area for which he knows the coordinate. In this case you can easily instruct Qckvu to go directly to that coordinate.

First, click on the icon with the small numbers on it to open the View Area dialog box. This box floats independently of the Qckvu display window.


The View Area dialog will pop open. You can drag this window off of the display as needed. There are two options: Lower Left and Upper Right or Center, Width and Height. In this example we show Center, Width and Height.

Type in your center coordinates and also the width and height of the window you wish to display (Note: this does not change the display are aspect ratio so your actual display may be somewhat larger than the box you specify but never smaller ...)

In this example, the user has selected a window center coordinate of -3000,-400 and requested a viewing region that is 600 um wide and 400 um tall.

Click on Apply. The new display area will quickly show up. See below.


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