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Structure Selection and Information

Qckvuís structure selection dialog enables the user to quickly select the structure to view. It also provides a display of your fileís hierarchy and detailed information about each structure.

Click on the Parent button and a data box will appear showing all structures that reference your selected one -- these are the parents.


Poorly Constructed GDSII?

For a specification that is 25 years old, there are still problems writing valid GDSII. If youíve ever tried to track down and isolate such a problem you know how difficult it can be.

Qckvu now scans the GDSII file while loading it and reports a variety of problems - unterminated cell definitions, invalid record types, out of range values and shows where in the file they are encountered.

The dialog shows that there were two different types of errors. You can click on each file position to see the specific error. Since GDSII is binary the only way to locate an error is by its byte position in the file.


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