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The Players

The following companies are "players" in the new world of direct write lithography for PCBs and other micro electronic devices such as MEMs and IC packages. The data below is collected from their WEB pages.

Advantools (China)

Advantools maskless direct write tool for wafers

ATD Maskless Direct Write Tool. 3000MT:Laser driven at 248 nm. Supports 6 inch wafers. 0.25 um resolution. 1500: 405 nm laser diode, 6" wafers, 1.5 um resolution. Not sure if this uses DMD technology.

Maskless Technology (Sunnyvale, CA)

Maskless was an early pioneer in direct exposure for PCB. Their system uses 7 heads to increase throughput.

Aiscent Technologies (China)

They have a very impressive description of their equipment on their WEB page. (HDP-550 data sheet PDF)They claim to have a proprietary data processing system that "can process image files on-the-fly without waiting time to ensure fast and accuracy scanning even for a large exposure area."

Dai Nippon Screen (Japan)

dai nippon dw3000 LDI for advanced packaging

They have a machine (DW-3000) designed for direct writing onto finished wafers (primarily for the packaging market where packages are built directly onto wafers ...) It has 3 um resolution, up to 300 mm wafer, can write both the die and the ID (dynamic text) and so on. 64 wafers per hour means less than 1 minute per 300 x 300 area.

They have another machine, the Ledia 5 that is for the PCB market. They launched it in January 2012 and expect to sell 100 machines/year.

Escher Grad (Canada)

escher grad starburst direct imaging for pcb manufacturing

Formerly a manufacturer of photo plotters. Now working on a LDI machine called the StarBurst. Not much information at this time.

Fuji Film (Japan)

fuji film inprex DLP based direct exposure

Fuji Film makes a machine called the Inprex. It actually is a pair of mask writers - one for the top side of the board and the other for the bottom of the board.

Heidelberg Instruments

Heidelberg VGP small area Direct Write System

Their new VPG line - small area (200 and 400) uses a high power DPSS laser and supports substrates of up to 8" and 16" respectively. the VPG 1100 supports large panels ranging in size from 800 x 800 mm up to 1400 x 1400 mm.

Via Mechanics (Japan)

Family of direct digital exposure equipment ... DE-6UH Series

Japan Science Engineering Co. Ltd. (DNK)

Direct Write machine developed by Index Technologies

Line Width (min)5 um5 um3 um10 um
Image Resolution0.5 um0.5 um0.25 um1.0 um
Image Area100 x 100 mm200 x 200 mm300 x 300 mm550 x 650 mm
Laser Wavelength375 nm405 nm405 nm405 nm
Exposure Scan Speed43.9 mm/sec43.9 mm/sec22.5 mm/sec92.2 mm/sec
Number of Heads1117

Manz AG (Germany)

Manz LDI SpeedLight 2D

Uses 288 GaN laser diodes at 405 nm coupled through fibers. Achievable line widths and gaps depend on the resist but range from 25um to 50 um. The input data is rasterized as 12,700 DPI. Maximum panel size is 660 mm x 650 mm.

Mycronic (Sweden)

LDI 5s Series: UV direct writer (gray-scale approach) distortion correction. Uses 355 nm diode source and supports panels up to 510 x 515 mm. Twin stages - alignment and focus mapping on one while writing on the other.


orbotech paragon direct photoresist imaging for PCB

Paragon Ultra Family for PCBs and packages ... I believe Orbotech may be the largest supplier of direct imaging for PCB market.

ORC Japan

orc direct exposure machine

ORC started by supplying lamps to the exposure equipment industry and somehow they now have an exposure machine. Unfortunately their site is in Japanese so I cannot tell much from it about their direct exposure product.

PMT Corporation, Japan

PMT maskless exposure apparatus PLS-3000

Recently notified about PMT's PLS-3000 machine. Supports 300 mm wafers using a 1920x1080 DMD and a LED illumination source running at 405 nm.


ushio UDIdirect exposure machine

USHIO announced a new UID-8001P direct exposure machine for flip chip manfacturing.

Visitech, Norway

This Norweigan company sells a lithography system but main focus seems to be the light engines (DMD assembly, driver electronics) Texas Instruments design partner.

visitech Luxbeam 4600 DLP Electronics and Visitech direct exposure

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