To annnotate the bond document click on Document | Annotation ...

This will open a large dialog box that displays all of the variables you defined along with fields for the parameters you wish to enter.

annotation dialog box

Values that are already filled in were taken from the WIRE DRC module's computations assuming that the document template was set up to do so.

You can of course, edit these values - for example, the Total Wire Length variable appears in microns but one might wish to edit 1058554.02117 to 1058 MM

Once you have entered all of the variable parameters click on OK and the values will be put on the appropriate Sheet layers. If you notice that you have made a mistake you can return to this dialog and make changes.

If no parameter is provided for a given variable that section will disappear in the final output. However the variable is not lost (it remains on the TEXT layer which is normally never printed out.)

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