Text Variables

The Documentation module includes a power method of defining variables that will appear in a dialog box to be filled out. This is much faster than manually entering the values into AutoCAD and results in a more consistent look to the bond documents.

It is also possible to have the documentation module take information produced by Bondgen's Wire DRC module and directly enter results into the bond document.


Variable Rules

1. Any string of text appearing on layer TEXT should be considered a variable. (if it does not take the form of a variable it will not appear in the final output.)

2. Variables must begin with 1_, A_ or N_ depending on which sheets they are destined for:

    1_ variables appear only on sheet 1

    A_ variables appear on all sheets

    N_ variables appear on sheets 2 ... N

3. All of the variables will appear in the Annotation Dialog where the user can then enter the correct value.

4. The variable string is replaced by its value while perserving the font, the text height and text justification.

5. A special form of variable can actually load data generated by Wirebond's DRC module directly. This variable takes the form: 1_$name of data where name of the data is a string name generated by Wire DRC. You can see the available list of string names using the Extract dialog.



At right you can see a set of variables designed to appear on Sheet 1 of the bond document. the variable string "1_D/A_MATERIAL" will appear in the Annotation dialog as D/A MATERIAL and when the user types in copper will be replaced with the word Copper.



example of text variable


Here you can see a portion of the Documentation Annotation dialog. Notice that the variables now act as prompts for the user to fill in. under D/A MATERIAL: the user has filled in "Copper".

  Bondgen's Documentation Annotation dialog


Once the user clicks OK on the annotation dialog, the variables are replaced with the value that was entered into the dialog. If no value was entered, the variable disappears altogether.

  variables replaced with their values

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