ACADto3Di Examples

The examples that follow should help new users to see how to draw and set up a 3D stackup. The AutoCAD drawing is provided along with the 3Di file and the stackup. Note: in most cases the metal and substrate thicknesses have been increased from their real life values to make the pictures nicer.

Download - 17 KB zipped.


Stack Ram with Passive Chips

This is an example of a memory controller with a RAM chip and two passives.

Stacked design seen using 3DVU


Stacked Design (2D) seen using AutoCAD


The Stackup

The stackup is shown at right. This particular example shows how one can support multiple stacks merely by defining the base layer for each stack.



The Wire Profiles

This design has 4 separate wire profiles since we have wires dropping from both die to the substrate, wires from die to die and a set of jumper wires for "tuning" purposes.


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