Revision History

ACADto3Di 1.08 July 11, 2008

Stackup Problem

Corrected an error in the stackup parser that resulted in some layers being incorrectly positioned.

ACADto3Di 1.07 June 1, 2008

New Installation

A new installation package includes the ACADto3Di module, the ACSLIB library and the 3DVU viewer. If the user needs ACIS output a separate module must be downloaded and licensed.

ACADto3Di 1.06 May 28, 2008

Wire Profile GUI

The Wire Profile GUI has been improved so that the sample wire height is taken from the stackup and the sample wire length is taken from a wire in the layout.

ACADto3Di 1.05 ACSLIB 2.72 May 22, 2008


A new GUI has been developed to support parallel stacks and to make it easier to enter the stackup. This includes a crossectional preview window.

Via Support

Vias are now defined separately and can pass through multiple layers

Corrected Circle Support

Circles were not recognized as valid shape entities -- only as bumps. This has been fixed.

ACADto3Di 1.04 ACSLIB 2.69 May 8, 2008

value checking

added checking for data entered into various fields - previously bad data caused a program crash.

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