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The ODB++2GBR User Interface

The ODB++2GBR main window enables the user to select the file (or directory hierarchy) for the ODB++ data, open (i.e. scan) the database, select a step and one or more layers to convert. It also provides a link to GBRVU for displaying the newly created Gerber files. The Advanced button controls program configuration and behavior.


The ODB++2GBR Main Window

The ODB++2GBR main window. Move your cursor over a field or button to get a tool tip.

if you want to open a .tgz file select the File radio button if the ODB++ has already been unzipped and untar'd into a directory select this button use the browse button to select either the input file or top level directory specify where the Gerber files should be written. use this button to select the desired output directory Starts the conversion. Only click after: Open ODB, Selecting a Step and Layers After conversion, click on this to start up GBRVU and view the Gerber files select one of the available steps to convert. select the layers to convert. Use Ctrl and Shift to select multiple layers Opens the Advanced Settings window Quits the program the input file (.tar/.tgz) or top of directory hierarchy


The Advanced Configuration Window

The ODB++2GBR advanced configuration window.
Move your cursor over a field or button to get a tool tip.

specify the working directory where temporary files are written If checked, temporary files are not deleted upon closing the program if you have more than one core, can specify additional threads. Do not exceed one thread per core. special arguments passed to engine. For debugging only sets the arc resolution (in degrees) when processing negative shapes or symbols with negative polarity. Typical values range from 2 to 9 degrees. sets the arc approximation by specifying the max error between the true arc and the chord approximations. ODB++ is always in inches. If you want Gerber in MM select MM units. scales data as specified. if checked, ODB symbols will be exploded in the Gerber and not output as macros. If checked, steps will be converted using the SR command in Gerber if ODB++ symbol is not used in any layer then it will not be converted to a Gerber macro If checked, a progress bar is displayed during conversion special arguments to control the output (debugging) specify the path/program name to launch in order to view the Gerber files


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