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ODB2GBR Command Line

Users can also run the ODB2GBR software from a command line.
The executable to do so is called odb2gbr_cmdlne.exe


Here is a sample command line you can use to convert the sample ODB++ file we include in our examples directory. (There are no returns in the command line -we've added them to fit on the page.)


odb2gbr_cmdlne.exe command line options

c:\wcad\odb2gbr\odb2gbr_cmdlne.exe -job:odb_path [OPT ARGS]

-h                                                         :Get the usage information
-workdir:out_dir                                           :Set the working dir
-dbg:log_fname                                             :Enable debugging
-keep_tmpfiles                                             :Keep temporary files
-thrnum:+thrnum_int_val                                    :Set the max number of concurrent threads
-stepinfo:step[,layer1,layer2... -dont_traverse]           :Get the list of steps or Info a specific step(/layers)
-layerinfo                                                 :Get the list of layers
-outdir:out_dir                                            :Set the output dir
-step:step[,layer1,layer2,..]                              :Convert a specific step(/layers)
-unit:inch/mm                                              :Set the unit of conversion
-scale:scale_dbl_val                                       :Set the scale of conversion
-arcres:res_dbl_val                                        :Set the arcres of conversion
-arcsag:sag_dbl_val                                        :Set the arcsag of conversion
-odb_symbols                                               :Keep the user defined symbols as a macro
-step_repeat                                               :Enable step repeat on the gerber files
-filter_sym                                                :Enable filtering out of unused user defined symbols
-show_progress                                             :Enable progress dialog
-format:[fmt_dbl_val]                                      :sets the GBR output format (default is 2.6)
-scale:[scale_dbl_val]                                     :sets the scale (default is 1.0)
-butting                                                   :enables butting edge output instead of cutline
-keep_tmpfiles                                             :keeps temporary files
-exclude:[step1,step2,...]                                 :excludes specified steps
-excludel:[layer1,layer2,...]                              :excludes specified layers
-non_std                                                   :evaluate non-system defined attributes (recommended)
-thrnum:[+thrnum_int_val]                                  :sets the max thread to use during conversion (recommended)

-netex                                                     :Create an output for Netex-G (along with njb:)
-njb:job.njb                                               :Create job file and Gerber files for Netex-G

Example for Netex-G

Here is a sample command line you can use to convert the sample ODB++ file to Gerber along with the Netex-G job file.

                   -netex -njb:job.njb -step:pcb


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