Downloading TIFF2DROPLET

The TIFF2DROPLET program can be downloaded here. To obtain the license codes and installation password please contact Artwork via email as shown below

Sample Email

Dear Artwork,

I would like to download TIFF2DROPLET. I am currently involved in
the development of inkjet printers and want to use the software to
simulate ink coverage.

My computer's ethernet address is: 00-25-AC-32-B0-AF

Please send me the installation password and license strings.


John Boy
Printer Engineer
IC Harvester Corporation
Olathe, KS, 045445
Tel 555 232-1212

Files to Download

The self extracting installation program requires a password that you must obtain from Artwork before it will execute.


Version 1.40

License Utility  

575 Kb. Flexlm license utility for obtaining machine's identity and checking license manager operation. Execute this on your computer, select the System Settings tab, and email artwork the ethernet address reported by the utility.

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