GBR_RIP Performance Benchmark

In order to give the OEM an idea of how long a file will take to rasterize, we used a fairly complex RS274X file from a large dense circuit board design. The workstation used to run the benchmark was equipped with an Intel Pentium III running at 1 GHZ and loaded with 1GB of RAM.

These times do not include time required to format the bitmap or to write it to disk -- only the time that it took gbrplt.dll to compute the bitmap (using many bands) and place it in memory.

Gerber File Name
File Size 10.3 MB
Number of Layers 14 Total Layers of Dark (LPD) and Clear (LPC)
Image Area 17x22 inches

Raster Memory
BitMap Size
64 5080 86 1200
64 12700 456 7500
256 5080 67 1200
256 12700 348 7500

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