Program Operation


The Configuration Dialog Window

stl2gds fongfiguration window


STL Units - the STL file does not include units in the header so the user has to know and select from the usual choices.

GDS Units - select from: UM,MM,CM, NM, INCH, MIL The program takes into account any scaling needed by changing the input and output units.

GDS Grid - the grid value determines the resolution of the GDSII data - i.e. 0.001 is typical for units of microns.

Scale Factor - the user may need to scale the input data. If so, he can enter a value here. Default = 1.000 of course.

Data Extents - the min and max extents for x,y,z are shown here based on a scan of the input file. This helps the user as a sanity check; if the extents are different than what he is expecting he can act on it prior to running the conversion. Extents are calculated prior to scaling.


Output Control

Max Vertices - the maximum number of vertices allowed per boundary. The official GDSII spec is 200 but many tools can read up to 2048 vertices per boundary.

Output Polgyons - choose between Re-Entrant (also known as Cut Lines) and Sliced.

Working Directory - a directory specified by the user where temporary and intermediate results are written and where the log file is written.


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