Downloading QISBool

QISBool is available packaged together with QisLib. If you are working with GDSII data and would like an integrated solution (opening GDSII, extracting data windows, then running Boolean operations) please go to the QisLib Download Page where you will find the links to Windows and Linux versions.

If you want to work with 2D polygons directly and don't need GDSII file processing capabilities then you can use QisBool stand alone. Download it below:

FTP Access

To download via Artwork's FTP server you will need a valid login and password. To obtain those, please send an email to hagai@artwork.com requesting a login/password

Please include your full name, company and reason for wanting to download the software.


Linux 64

qisbool.linux.v110.tar   v1.10 03/12/2020 7 MByte

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