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Downloading and Installing QISLIB and QISBool

QISLIB is a special library that you can use to build a GDSII/OASIS viewer or other tools for opening and operating on GDSII/OASIS data.

The QisLib release now includes the QisBool (Boolean operations) in the release; please note that QisBool is licensed separately and without this separate license the Boolean operations are not functional.

FTP Access

To access Artwork's ftp server requires a login and password. Please email Artwork for the information when you are ready to download.

Files to Download

Linux 64

qislib.rh4amd64.gcc4+.linux.v2941.tar   08/17/2016 v2941
core components built on RHEL5
some older components built on RHEL4
tested on RHEL5,6 and 7

Windows 64

qislib.win64.v9.v294.1.exe   03/16/2016 18.2 MBtye

PDF Manual

qislib_manual.pdf   1.8 MB QISLIB PDF Manual.

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