Target Acquisition Plug-in.

Revision History

This page summarizes changes, fixes and enhancements to the target bitmap acquisition plug-in.

v1.04 02/7/2018

Multi Layer Support

When multiple layers are turned ON in the viewer, the user can select whether to export a bitmap file for each layer or merge all layers to one output bitmap file.

Microsoft VS2015

This version was compiled with Microsoft VS2015 and requires Qckvu3 64 bit version 3.65 and up.

v1.03 09/12/2016

Dialog Updates and Help File

Revised dialog boxes for consistency and added a help button which links to a HTML based help file.

v1.02 03/21/2016

BMP Output Mirrored

This version formats the BMP such that what you see in Qckvu3 is what you get in BMP even if you use a third party bitmap viewer.

v1.01 03/16/2016

Minor Revisions

Modified text output to provide center,width and height instead of LL and UR coordinate data

Changed behavior of the Draw button. Requires a new Draw push before each new draw.

v1.00 03/15/2016

Initial Release

Initial release of the plug-in. Requires Qckvu3/64 version 3.57 or later. Not available for 32 bit Qckvu3.

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