Driver for the Xerox XPRESS Plotter

Automatic Plot Striping

If you specify a plot whose area is larger than your defined page size the program can split the plot onto more than one strip. However it warns you before proceeding in case the size you generated was a mistake. If you accept (OK) then the program will generate the strips and send them sequentially to the plotter.

GDSPLOT will give you a preview of how the plot is divided.

The XPRESS Solaris Release

This driver is shipped as a tar file: xpress.solaris.v100.tar                                                                                 |
                                                                     (indicates version)

when upacked, you will see the following files:


          colors.rtl               a small RTL file used for testing the xpress_plot program.

          lpXpress               a sample spooler script for creating an XPRESS plot queue.

          pltcfg.ini               a replacement for the pltcfg.ini that comes with GDSPLOT. Includes new
                                     entries for the XPRESS.

          README             documentation about installation and usage.

          xpress                 device driver.

          xpress.conf          configuration file for the device driver.

          xpress_plot          the EXPRESS plotting program.

32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions

Two versions of the device driver and plotting program are provided: a 32 bit version for workstations with 32 bit kernels and a 64 bit version for workstations with 64 bit kernels. File names are identical but the 64 bit versions of the device driver and plotting software are located in a V9 directory.

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