Driver for the Xerox XPRESS Plotter

Data Flow

Case 2 - Installing the EXPRESS Device Driver

To install the kernel driver you must be root (superuser).

  • Copy xpress.conf and xpress from the release to /usr/kernel/drv

              # cp -p xpress.conf xpress /usr/kernel/drv
  • Edit the configuration file xpress.conf as needed to match the SCSI address of the XPRESS plotter. As shipped, xpress.conf is configured to SCSI address=5.

              name="xpress" class="scsi" target=5 lun=0;
  • Instruct the Solaris OS to add the driver:

              #  add_drv xpress
  • Reboot the plot server with the XPRESS plotter powered up; during the boot up messages you should see:

              xpress0: found Processor device at tgt5, lun0
              xpress0: Vendor/Product ID = XEROX Xpress

    Changing the xpress device driver permissions

    As mentioned before, we recommend that you change the permissions on the device driver so that all users can read and write to it to avoid potential problems accessing the driver. To do this, cd to /dev directory and find the entry for xpress0 driver:

              # ls -l | grep xpress

    You will see a long link to the actual device driver:

              lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     other         93 Oct 15 21:28 xpress0 ->

    then cd to the directory that contains the actual device file and check the permissions using the command:

              # ls -l xpress*
              crw-------   1 root   sys    82,  0 Nov  7 11:39 xpress@5,0:character

    Change permissions so that others can use this device file:   chmod  a+w,a+r xpress*;ls -l xpress*

    running the ls command again should show:

              crw-rw-rw-   1 root   sys    82,  0 Nov  7 11:39 xpress@5,0:character

     Removing the express Device Driver

    If it is ever necessary to remove the driver, this accomplished with rem_drv(1M), i.e.

              #  rem_drv xpress

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