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ASM 2600 Revision History

This document summarizes enhancements and fixes to the ASM 2600. Please consult this page on a regular basis to determine what changes have been made to our programs.

ASM2600 Linux 7.11 07/31/2018

New Linux Release

First Linux release since 2007 includes the following:

32/bit Supporting Libraries Included

Supporting libraries are provided in the lib32 and lib64 folders found in the asm2600/bin folder.
An easy way to provide the correct library environment is to source the bourne/bash SourceMe script we provide in the bin folder.

PGSORT 1.37 All platforms 05/08/2008

New sorting improves PG speed by 2 to 4x

The new pgsort is now available on all platforms. Customers recorded up to 5x speed improvement on the PG machine. Minimal changes in Angle, Width, Height and XY reduce wear and tear of the PG machine.

It is now possible to apply sorting to the entire data set.
By default the sorting criteria is Angle, Width, Height, Y, and X.
The sorting criteria can be reordered.
Sorting can be further applied to be serpentine.

USB and Flexlm licensing added

PGSORT now supports USB licensing as well as Flexlm on Windows, HPUX, Linux and Solaris.

v7.01 Windows 03/01/2005

Flexlm Licensing Support Updated the licensing to add support for FLEXLM, node locked and floating network licensing.

v6.29 11/12/99

Compensation bug fix

The compensation value specified in DXF2PG shell's "Configuration" dialog box was previously not handled correctly by the translation engines. The fix is reflected in PG intermediate output. Consequently, Electromask and Mann output come out correct.

Slivers in PG output

This problem occurred in a DXF file which contained narrow areas that converged into 10 micron high areas. This has now been fixed


v6.28 08/23/99

Feature Size and Min. Flash Dimension Check

If feature size multiplied by Scale is less than Min. Flash Dimension, a warning would pop up but still allows users to continue translation.

v6.27 06/18/99

Flashes Smaller than Min. Specified.

Older version might optimize to generate output with flashes smaller than the specified minimum. This has been fixed.

Extra Point in 2 Vertices Trace

Older versions would generate extra points in converting a 2 vertices trace to a boundary. This has been fixed.

Empty Structure

If an empty structure is selected for translation, this version will tell users that the structure is empty and cannot be selected for translation. Older versions would crash on the translation.

Feature Size and Min. Flash Dimension Check

Feature size multiplied by Scale should not be less than Min. Flash Dimension. This version would pop up a warning if the check fails.

v6.23 02/28/99

Self intersecting polygon were not detected correctly.

Problem reported by Andrea from Advanced Reproduction. This has been fixed.

The optimizer level corrupted the output for narrow tapered boundaries.

Problem reported by Andrea from Advanced Reproduction. This has been fixed.

Emask generating small flashes

EMASK was generating 0 or flashes smaller then the minimum flash size defined. This has been fixed.

Flash Overlap

The user can specify the percentage (0%-50%) of the minimum flash dimension to control how much overlap there is to be. To change it, go to the "Configuration" dialog box and click on the "Mask Options" tab. The value underneath the "Percent Overlap" heading is what controls this. Its default is 25%.

PGCAM - Snap settings are now saved

PGCAM - Highlight flashes Any flash or flash vertex queried highlights ths flash.

PGCAM - Query flashes

Quering can now be done by flashes. Select one of the added menuitems "Info|Flash|Point" or "Info|Flash|window" to do this. The selection is done by center point, flash edge, or vertex. Jumping (hitting the tab key) from query to query will jump from flash to flash.

PGCAM - CAM features added

Features include

1)Adding orthogonal rectangles and text.

2)Adding 3 point rectangle (not necessarily orthogonal).

2)Deleting loaded entities. (del key is shortcut key)

3)Undoing any CAM edits. ('u' key is shortcut key)

4)Saving edits done.

Note that cam features are not fully available in Intermediate format and could generate a program crash if working with arc or circle data.

Adding Orthogonal Rectangles

This uses a mouse click-move-click action set to define a rectangle. A user can continue defining rectangles until the escape key is hit. The layer to which any given rectangle is added is determined by the active layer displayed in the tool bar of the viewer.

Adding 3 point Rectangles

This uses a mouse click-move-click-move-click action set to define a rectangle. A user can continue defining rectangles until the escape key is hit. The layer to which any given rectangle is added is determined by the active layer displayed in the tool bar of the viewer.

Adding Text

A dialog box appears with en edit window and buttons for orthogonal rotations and mirroring. Depending on what things are set in the dialog box, a user can define a rectangular space, just like adding a rectangle, and the text will be drawn fit to scale within that space. A user can continue adding text simply by rubber banding the box where text is to fit. Hitting OK button will leave Add text mode and leave text edits in place, whil cancel will also leave but remove all text added since the text mode was invoked.


A dialog box appears with different selection modes. These include

Once objects have been selected, they can be either included or excluded in their selction via. the include and exclude toggle buttons. Deletion is confirmed by hitting the OK button.


All editing, deletions and additions, can be undone via the undo function. All edits are walked backwards from the last edit.


A dialog box appears displaying edited layers. Any given layer can be saved under another name. The job file is unaffected by this function. Only edited layers can be saved.

v6.21 06/12/98

Tighten Up TEXT Font

The font file PGFONT.SHX was tightened up slightly so to reduce space between letters. Requested by Larry Albritton of Image Technology.

v6.20 04-29-98

Network Licensing

This version supports network licensing on Windows NT/95 and is Y2K compatible.

Long File Names

Added support for Windows long file names.

Output File Name

This version allows users to set their own file names, instead of fixed to Also, users can use default file extension according to the output type selected. .em for EM, .dwm for Mann3000, .sor for Mann3600, and .int for Intermediate. Use the check box in the bottom of the Layer Settings dialog box.

Added Direct Electromask, Mann3000/3600 Output

This version allows users to output Electromask, Mann3000, Mann3600 or Intermediate directly fromm Gds2pg, without having to run emask.exe or mmask.exe manually.

To do this, go to Configuration/Output and set the output type desired. In the Output tab, added a disk buffer for larger translation where there is not enough memory for the translation and so the translation will use the hard disk instead of memory.

Structure Information Displayed

a new structure dialog box shows each structure's dependence tree and information. A report can be written to disk.

Added Pgcam Viewer Launching

Added pgcam launching from Gds2pg to view EM, Mann3000, Mann3600 or Intermediate output directly; no longer need to start PGCAM manually and load the files.

Emm2gds v1.40 04-29-1998

This version of EMM2GDS is shipped with 6.20 of GDS2PG.

Long File Names

This version supports long file names.

Launches Pgcam Viewer

users can launch Pgcam directly from Emm2gds to view files input by EMM2GDS.

MM2GDS v1.25 (4-24-1998)

Use LServ4

Update to LicenseServ 4 ; Now Y2K compatible.

Improve MAN3000 input

Improve thed MAN3000 input routine to minimize mathematical error on non-orthogonal flashes.

Bug Fix in Mann Parser

ASCII comment was supposed to start with a " (quote) and end with either a " (quote) or a CR (carriage return). Due to a bug, CR was not recognized in previous version. This is now fixed.