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Principles of Operation

The RTCR program makes the assumption that the input data consists of two separate components

  • one or more "cells" that are repeated throughout the layout.

  • background (or frame) data that does not repeat.

How Does RTCR Use this Assumption?

    RRTC rasterizes a repeating cell just once. It then uses bitmap copy operations to place that cell in the image.

What About the Background Data?

    The background data (what we call the panel's frame) is rasterized normally. Fortunately, this data is generally sparse and has a very low complexity relative to the repeating circuits so it runs very quickly through the rasterizer.

Is this Assumption Valid?

    After examining hundreds of large PCB panels it is generally true. The only times we have found it a problem are when large boards make up th panel. However these large boards are not typically run at such high resolution (typically in the 4000 to 5000 DPI range) where smaller boards such as IC packages with finer lines are run at 10,000 to 25,000 DPI.

What if the Frame and Repeating Data Interact?

    We take that possibility into account. The SFGEN program, which prepares the data for the RRTC, can detect such an interaction and will separate the interacting data from the repeating data. For example, we have processed panels where each circuit has a unique serial number; SFGEN recognized this data and removed it from the repeating master.

What If I Mix Different Circuits on a Panel?

    That is fully supported. Each unique circuit will produce a bitmap master cell which is then copied into the appropriate location in the final image.

My Panel Has the Same Circuit Rotated 90 and 180 degrees. Will it Work?

    Yes, we don't attempt to rotate or mirror bitmaps. Instead we make a separate master cell for each unique rotation or mirror occurence.

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