QckRip Revision History

This page summarizes changes, fixes and enhancements to the QckRip program.

v1.10 6/16/2015

-Software updates

This version has updated rip modules (old flow and not using nextgen rasterizer).
It also includes updated sffcorrection and acsbool.

v1.09 3/28/2015

-Software updates

Fixed BMP header to reflect the correct image and file size.
Added explicit color table in the BMP header.

v1.08 1/6/2015

-spanlength:0 command line

User should specify the span length in the GUI or command line (-spanlength:0) as zero when the DPI is coarse to fix the alignment issue.

v1.07 11/4/2014

Crack in line in output file

This release fixes the issue where cracks in line appear in the output. We updated the flow and modules to improve shear and rotated output data.
It is much improved and covers most of the issues that were brought to our attention.
The exception to this are the regions that are illustrated in the attached PNG file which was created with shear in the Y direction.

v1.06 07/24/2014

Added shear tolerance

Added shear tolerance, and updated modules to improve shear output data.

v1.05 07/09/2014

Added -reuse option

This will enable the reuse of intermediate files when possible (no change in transformation, dpi, buffer size etc).

Auto Tile bug fix

Fixed a bug in auto tile computation.

v1.04 05/14/2014

Partial Image Fix

This version fixes an issue where Qckrip outputs partial image when selecting a non-top structure for conversion.

v1.03 04/29/2014

Bug Fixes

Fixed rip library that causes a crash when ripping very narrow data.

Fixed postnh engine that creates misaligned layers.

Fixed gdsfilte engine that drops data when blending two GDSII files (-sffblend only).

Fixed gdscomp to handle the case where a cell being arrayed exceeded the span length.

v1.02 03/21/2014

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug in the tiling output computation.

v1.01 03/19/2014

Initial Release

The first release of QckRip.

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