Cropping a Circuit Out of an Array

A designer may occasionally need to cut a single circuit or a small array out of a larger design. In this example we start with a simple hybrid ciruit that has been arrayed 4x4 and we wish to cut out a single circuit.


First we must either know or measure the area to crop (GDSVU or Qckvu is ideal for this...). In this example we want to crop out the region from 90,440 to 790,1040.

Since this design has three layers (1=metal, 2=TaN2, 3=SiO2) we will use single layer mode. Each layer will be individually clipped out and placed on its own layer in the output file.

array of circuits

QckBool Configuration ...

The QckBool Configuration

First we select Single Layer Mode so that the input layers are not combined. Then I have checked Implicit Union since I would like the output polygons unionized and not overlapping.

In the Window field I enter the coordinates, 90,440,790,1040 as this is to be my clipping window.


Under Operands I select my GDSII file, (single_layer_example.gds), top structure and layers 1,2 and 3.

Notice that the target layer is not functional - the output layers will be 1,2 and 3.

The Results

Once my settings are correct, press the Run Current button to run the job. In a few seconds the results are available and if you have selected to view the output you will see something like the screen at right. [single_layer_example_1.gds]

single circuit

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