Multiple Operations on One Line


Now that we have discussed the basic boolean operations, let's look at the ability to specify multiple operations - especially where the results of one operation is fed into another operation.

The program perform sequential boolean operations with any number or operands. For example the command line:

boolw32f in.gds out.gds TOP 3 +5a9+6x7

instructs that first the intersection of layers 5 and 9 should be computed; then the result will be unionized with layer 6; finally the result will be XOR'd with layer 7. In the present release of the boolw32f there is a limit: each layer can participate in an operation at most once. That is:

boolw32f in.gds out.gds TOP 3 +5a9+6x9
would be an illegal command because layer 9 participates twice. For most mask operations this is not a serious limitation. The output goes onto layer 3 of out.gds

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