Video Tutorials for Wirebond and Tagger

Tagging a 48 pin Package

Describes how to tag a 48 pin leadframe so that it can be used with the Wirebond program. mm:ss 03:36


Converting from Excel to AIF

Explains how to convert die coordinates from an Excel spreadsheet into the AIF format that can be read by Wirebond. mm:ss 07:29


Wirebonding a 48 pin Package

Now that the package has been tagged and the AIF file has been prepared the die can be placed into the package and wirebonded. mm:ss 05:02


Wire DRC

Illustrates how to use the Wire DRC module to verify that wire length, spacing and angle is valid. mm:ss 07:22


How to Work with Existing WB Drawings

Explains how to open a drawing you created in the past (using Tagger/Wirebond) and how to re-run some of the modules such as DRC. You might need to do this after making a revision. mm:ss 03:58


Wirebonding with Downbond

Wirebonding example including downbonds and finger to paddle.


Wirebonding MCM Package

Using Wirebond with multi chip modules.


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