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Wing Builder

This is a specialized function. It is used to generate a via in APD that runs from the package pins on the bottom(COND_BOTTOM) to the top of the conductor layer (COND_TOP). The reason we generate such a via is to simulate the inductance that you would get when connecting from the plane that the leadframe lies on down to the bottom of the package and onto the printed circuit board.

One can adjust the distance between TOP_COND and BOT_COND to come up with a value that produces an approximation to the actual package gullwing.


Wing builder creates a via between the pins on the package symbol and the leadframe condcutors.


How It Works

This function should be used only after a package symbol (IO) has been created. It will automatically create a via between TOP_COND and BOT_COND using the pin created by the Pin Builder routine as the reference padstack.


Gull Wing

The Gull Wing is a more precise model of the package lead. It extends out from the package body and includes a foot.

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