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Net Builder

In order to properly import data into APD, one must have a valid netlist. This netlist should define the connection between pins on each symbol; in addition, each shape should be assigned a net.

The Net Builder routine uses 2D boolean algorthims to find where wire endpoints fall -- it can tell if a wire end point falls on a die pad or on a conductor.


Net builder traces out connectivity based on wire endpoints.


How It Works

This function should be used only after: shapes have been created for the leadframe, a package symbol (IO) and a die symbol (IC) have been created, wires have been identified and the wing via has been generated. There is no user input needed until the program builds the connected geoemtries and compares them to any net names that were associated to the die symbol pins.

For example, if you have different die pad net labels (such as vss and vss2) that all connect to the same paddle, then upon building the physical connections, you would get a message:

Warning 1 connected sets had conflicting nets.

Click OK and you will be prompted to assign a net name to each connected set with naming conflicts.

You would then be shown the net (highlighted) and asked to enter a name - this name would override the net names derived from the die pads and would be used during export.

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