Number Fingers

Even though your package drawing probably shows the finger numbers on the package, these numbers are text only and are not associated in any way with the fingers. The Number Fingers routine creates invisible bond points that are numbered using block attributes so that the wirebond software can later connect a specified die pad to the desired finger.

As the user you will need to identify finger number 1 and specify the finger numbering direction.

Dialog Box Options

  • CW - clockwise

  • CCW - counter clockwise

  • Radial - fingers are swept radially around 0,0

  • Orthogonal - fingers end on 90 degree's parallel to the die edge

After you have set the buttons, click on Select Finger #1 and then select it on screen using a mouse click. You should see a screen below asking you for confirmation that you did get the correct finger:

If your answer is YES, then the click on the button and Wirebond proceeds to do the numbering. You should see tiny numbers located on the finger similar to what is shown in the screen shot below:

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