Insert Die Image

The chip is properly placed and wired into the package. In order to help the operator verify that the correct chip is in the package, an image of the die surface is placed on the drawing. This image was created in a prior step by using the Die Image routine.

Die Image uses the die's GDSII file and essentially plots the top metal layers to a tiff file. AutoCAD 14 and later can place a tiff file on top of a drawing.

Since the Insert Die Image routine can share information with the Insert Die routine, it already knows the insertion point, scale and rotation of the die. It can automatically insert the tiff bitmap with the same parameters. In addition, it slightly shrinks the bitmap so that the drawn die pads are not covered up by the image.

Insert Die Image Dialog

You need only use the Browse button to select the tiff image created earlier.

Below you can see a screen shot of what your package drawing will look like after the die image has been placed.

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