Downloading AIF2APD

This page enables you to download the latest version of AIF2APD. The AIF import/export is installed as a SKILL context file along with some form files for the dialogs. Since AIF2APD and APD2AIF are now a standard part of the APD distribution there is no need for special licensing.

Allegro/APD Windows

If you are running APD on Windows then there is an InstallShield to update your context. You only need download the correct version and start the installer. No passwords or keycodes are needed.


857 KB - 12/17/04 Version 2.29 of AIF2APD for APD 15


836 KB - Version 2.25 of AIF2APD for Cadence APD 14.2 on Windows

Allegro/APD UNIX

If you are running APD on Unix or Linux you will need to "manually" update the context and form files. Download the correct tar file for your version of APD. untar it into a temporary directory. Copy the .cxt file and .form files into the correct locations.


163 KB - Version 2.28 of AIF2APD for Cadence APD 15.0 and later on Unix/Linux

Update Instructions

How to update the aif.cxt and form files.

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