Installing APD2AIF 2.18 Update

To update your APD2AIF modules to version 2.18 you must install both the new context and also the new forms file.

Determine Your Version of APD

There are two different flavors of the 2.17 context: one for APD 14.2 and one for APD 15.0. First determine which version of APD you are running and make sure to download the appropriate context.

Download the Context and Form File

Download either apd2aif.v218.142.cxt (or apd2aif.v218.150.cxt) and place it in a temporary directory. Also download the three .form files and save them to a temporary location on your hard disk.

Shut Down APD

If APD is running, close it.

Copy the Context to the CONTEXT Directory

Copy aif2pad.v218.142.cxt (or aif2pad.v218.150.cxt) to:

It is important that you copy it to the context directory as aif.cxt. If prompted to overwrite the old file reply: YES. We supply it with the long name to make it easier to identify what version you are installing.

Update the Form File

Copy the three .form files to:

They should overwrite the previous versions already located there.

Restart APD

When APD is restarted, it will load the new version of APD2AIF.

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