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The PADS section defines pads needed for the die pads and package fingers and balls. Pads can have any of the following shape types:

  • Square [fillet]
  • Rectangular [fillet]
  • Oblong
  • Circular
  • Polygon

The pad insertion point is always defined as the center of the pad. In the case of the polygon, all polygon coordinates are relative to the center at 0,0.

Pad Name Syntax
Pad names should start with a character. No spaces are allowed and avoid special characters except for:

 _  -  (  )  .
We recommend that the pad names be representative of the type of pad; for example die pads might be named dp_io, dp_vcc (if the vcc pad were say wider) and bond fingers might be named bf500x110. Pads representing the lands could be prefixed with land or ball. Sometimes the size is included in the name such as: dp_sq80um.

BALL=CIRCLE 770          or   BALL=ROUND 770
BF=OBLONG 100 300        or   BF=OBROUND 100 300
BF2=RECTANGLE 350 120 10 or   BF2=RECT 350 120 10
DP100 =SQUARE 100        or   DP100=SQ 100

DPOCT=POLYGON 1 0 9           (line breaks for clarity)
            -38.27,92.39     38.27,92.39
            92.39,38.27     92.39,-38.27 
            38.27,-92.39   -38.27,-92.39  
           -92.39, -38.27  -92.39,38.27  

The 1 indicates number of polygons to follow. 
The 0 indicates line thickness.
The 9 indicates vertex count.

  Die Pad Rotation

If you examine the netlist section, you will see that only bond fingers can be placed with rotation; die pads do not rotate. Hence, if your die pads are not symmetric you may need to define two separate pad stacks as shown in the illustration at right.

layout of die pads

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