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The DIE_LOGO section is intended to allow designers to place within the die region small geometries that represent logos or alignment marks.

Logo Using Polygons as Text


POLY - polygon used to define the die logo geometry.

NUM_OF_POLYGONS - the number of polygons that comprise this logo. Generally if more than one, the additional polygons are cutouts.

WIDTH - for a polygon, the width of the edge. Normally = 0.

NUM_OF_VERTICES - the number of vertices to follow. (Note, first and last vertex must be explicitly stated so a "square" has 5 vertices.) If this number is negative, it indicates that the polygon is a "cutout."

X,Y - for a polygon the vertex coordinates are with respect to the reference coordinate - they are not absolute. Also the first vertex must be the same as the last to close the polygon.

  Example - Die Logo

Here is an example of a die logo.

  use of die logo
POLY 1 0.0000 12 
623.1729,620.8145 623.1729,608.7412 674.2950,608.8473 622.1165,570.0706 
622.1165,553.5322 711.2072,553.5322 711.2072,571.1263 656.6259,571.1263 
710.1508,608.7764 710.1508,625.6891 623.1729,625.6849 623.1729,620.8145 
POLY 1 0.0000 10 
528.7961,625.6678 528.7961,608.7146 559.4320,608.7681 559.4320,553.8841 
582.6731,553.8841 582.6731,608.7669 614.7176,608.7412 614.6827,625.6800 
529.5004,625.6679 528.7961,625.6678 
POLY 1 0.0000 12 
446.4937,553.8841 446.4937,625.6678 520.7947,625.6678 520.7947,608.7775 
469.0305,608.7775 469.0305,594.3504 520.4426,594.3504 520.4426,578.5158 
469.0305,578.5158 469.0305,553.5322 446.4937,553.5322 446.4937,553.8841


Logo Using a Text String

It is also possible to use a string of text to stand in for the die logo. The syntax is shown below:

TEXT x,y height rotation justification string


x,y - text insertion coordinates

height - height of the text.

rotation - Rotation of the text (CCW from horizontal)

justification - L|C|R - Justification of the text (Left, Right, Center).

text_string - The string of text.

  die logo using a text string


TEXT 100,90 100 0 L SL6018/A1

In this example, the string of text is "SL6018/A1", and it is inserted at 100,90 with a height of 100, 0 rotation and Left justified. The actual font will depend on the system that is reading the string of text.

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