Get Steps and Layers Sample Code

get_odb_steps__layers.exe is a simple sample program that opens an ODB++ file (.tgz or .tar) or a directory. It then reports to the user the list of steps and layers found in the ODB++ database

The source and MS project files for get_odb_steps__layers.exe are located in the lib\get_odb_steps_layers directory

User Interface

The user interface includes a radio button selection and requires the user to specify the file or directory to check, a working directory, and the location of the bin directory containing the odb2gbr.dll and its supporting files.

When the user clicks on the Get Steps and Layers button the program opens and checks the ODB++ data. If everything looks OK, then a window pops open confirming success (this is the same as CheckODB)

However this sample program extracts out the "steps" and "layers" found and displays them for the user in the two windows at right.

This would help the user select which of the steps he wishes to convert to Gerber and also select which layers to convert.


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