Aperture Definition and Entry

XGBRVU makes it easy enter and edit your aperture list. If you are using RS274X then of course this isn't necessary. But if you are loading Gerber data accompanied by a aperture list in text format you'll need to enter the apertures once - from that point on they are stored in a file (called appropriately enough, the aperture list ending in .apt)


D-Code - this is the Gerber D-code. Pressing on this button pops open a list box enabling you to choose from the various aperture types.

Size - apertures either have one dimension (X) such as circles and squares, or two dimensions (X,Y) such as donuts and rectangles.

Tool # - If you wish to create an Excellon Drill file then you must assign a drill tool number to any D-code that represents a flash to be drilled. Valid tool numbers range from 1-99

Drill Dia. - Along with a tool number you must assign a drill diameter in order for us to properly generate an Excellon drill file.

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