Revision History

This page summarizes changes, fixes and enhancements to Artwork's Very Large Bitmap Viewer (VLBV) Program.

Version 1.28 7/31/2017

Software Upgrades

Add support for PhotoMetricInterpolation (reverse rendering).
Crash fixed - Software was trying to read the actual rational data when it is not read into the buffer.
Software remembers XOR settings (sliver/enabled/disabled).
Added default DPI set to 1mm pixel size (bmp : 1000dpm, tiff : 25.4dpi).
File open - when NavDlg is open prompts a user that "opening a new file will close the navigation dialog".
Bug fix - The XOR dialog cannot be opened once it was closed.
NavDialog load file extension check disabled (.lst).
If the transparency of a layer is set to 0 (completely transparent), then it is set back to 1.0 (fully opaque) when a new session starts.

Version 1.27 8/17/2016

Bug Fix - Navigation Dialog

A bug in the navigation dialog resulted in a crash when loading an XOR coordinate list file. Fixed.

Bug Fix - Loading Large Files

A bug that occurred when loading files > 2GB was fixed. Now using 64 bit version of fseek..

Bug Fix - Greyscale parser

A bug in the greyscale bitmap parser was fixed.

Enhancement - Open Dialog

The file open dialog now remembers the previously used directory.

Bug Fix - Internet Explorer Interface

Help is provided HTML format - when the user's default HTML viewer was Internet Explorer the file name was not correctly passed. Fixed.

BMP Output Orientation Fixed

BMP extraction changed to properly represent Y orientation. (Previously our BMP row order was reversed when compared to programs such as Adobe Photoshop.)

Version 1.26 7/26/2016

Bug Fix

Tiff parser bug fixed (parsing SHORT sized header information).

BMP Output Orientation Fixed

BMP extraction changed to properly represent Y orientation. (Previously our BMP row order was reversed when compared to programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Version 1.24 12/22/2015

Software Updates

New input format added "JDKPB_FMT" (specially formatted RAW).
Navigation Dialog is a separate tool now.
Navigation Dialog can LOAD/SAVE a list (or XOR result).

Version 1.23 9/2/2015

Software Updates

For BMP input files, recalculate the word-aligned width value for "XOR" process.
Redraw after changing the vlbv window size - VLBV recalculates the target extents and draw accordingly.
Home view saved, but not drawn on the screen problem fixed.
Added "end" key for "Previous View".
Added "XOR" tip notes to the toolbar.
Tiff file lock bug fixed.
Updated acsRstrCmpLib (Compare function).
Sliver value bug fixed.
Offset bug fixed.

Version 1.22 8/5/2015

Crash during XOR

There was a program crash during an XOR compare of two large files. This has been fixed.

Version 1.21 7/21/2015

XOR Progress Bar added

A progress bar now appears during XOR comparisons giving the user progress details.

Improved XOR Comparison Speed
XOR polygons are no longer drawn on the screen. The program only displays markers where the differences appear.

When XOR is running or when the XOR Navigation dialog is open, File | Open, Offset, Mirror functions are not allowed.

Filter value from the navigation dialog may not be smaller than the prefilter value.

Stores and applies layer color and transparency settings when more than one file is open.

Bug Fix - Memory Leak

A memory leak that occurred while reading TIFF files has been eliminated.

Version 1.20 5/11/2015

G2BMP Support for DCA

Added support for special BMP format - requested by DCA Inc (BMP files over 4GB).

Version 1.18 12/24/2014

XOR Compare tool

XOR Tool added with multithreaded raster compare library. It requires acsbool64.dll acsRstrCmpLib64.dll.
Prefilter differences with a sliver value.

Bug fix - Open more than 3 files

Fixed crash when attempted to open more than 3 files.

Version 1.18 12/24/2014

Breaks 4GB BMP Bitmap File Size Limit

Added support for opening and displaying BMP files greater than 4GB. Ignores the header of the BMP file where the file size is reported.

Large File Optimization

Added new background compression/loading in order to handle extremely large (40GB) bitmaps even on machines with limited RAM.

Hasp Key

Added support for HASP key.

Bug Fix - Raw Alignment

Fixed a bug related to alignment for RAW bitmaps.

Enhancement - Interrupt

User can now interrupt the program while it is loading/compressing the input file.

Bug Fix - Progress Reporting

When importing BMP (4/8) files the progress is now reported correctly.

Version 1.17 05/11/2014

Software crash

Software crash problem was fixed.

Version 1.16 05/9/2014


Adopted new licensing scheme.
Double click to open crash fixed.

Version 1.15 03/14/2014


Multithreaded compression at loading stage.
Support for files with different dpy dpx values.
Efficient progress bar update to improve loading time.
tiff file info shows xy resolution values.

Bug fixes

DPI comparison.
Fixed bmp 4bpp colormap.
Inconsistent pan/zoom with overlayed multiple files. (FirstBitPos problem)
Extractions bugs fixed.

Version 1.13 12/11/2013


BMP greyscale support added (1/4/8bpp).
BMP RLE compressed input supported.
BMP greyscale extractor added.
BMP RLE4/RLE8 compression supported for extraction.

Bug fixes

Does not draw padding byte information for bmp input files.

Version 1.12 11/4/2013


Greyscale TIFF support added.
Ricoh file format support added.
No more "not responding" state for lengthy processes.

Bug fixes

Add a file from the layer dialog, change view/mirror settings, and doesn't apply the changed settings for the file added.
Mirrored image shifted one pixel downward.

Version 1.11 09/16/2013

Raw File

Remembers row size for RAW format.

New Raster Format LGDMD

A new format for bitmaps has been added which we call LG DMD. This is a bitmap produced by sampling a normal bitmap using a DMD frame (either 1024x768 or 1920 x 1080) at a slight angle to the direction of DMD motion.

Bug Fix

Report of pixel coordinates is more accurate now.

Bug Fix

Missing the first pixel in each row fixed.

Version 1.10 09/04/2013

Fixes and Enhancements to User Interface

Automatically redraws the new home view after a transparency update

Layer dialog settings are disabled when the OK button is pressed

Layer dialog Apply button press draws the home view but user could not zoom from that point.

Version 1.09 08/23/2013

Improved Error Checking and Bug Fixes

Will no longer attempt to open a TIFF file that is greater than 4GB.

Verifies that an extracted TIFF image does not exceed 4GB.

A crash generated by the layer dialog has been fixed and the state of the "delete" button in the layer dialog has been fixed.

Tiff Extraction with Packbits

The ability to extract a window to TIFF w. packbits compression has been added. This is multi-threaded to take advantage of modern multi-core processors.

Version 1.08 07/11/2013

Layer Alignment

gross/fine offset adjustment (mouse, arrow keys).

Interface Issues

add cursor to display when zoomtoxy (add a checkbox for "show cursor" to the toolbar) is invoked

return focus to the display after toolbar use.

layers settings dialog OK button resets the settings only when any of the settings is actually changed.

Zoom to XY tool shows current unit selected.

toolbar size issue fixed.

layer settings dialog "+" buttons added for each layer. (multiple selection allowed)

Extract Window

added tiff output option to window extractor.

Version 1.07 06/25/2013

Yes, same version twice ...

BMP File Info

Fixed a bug when displaying BMP file info that showed incorrect file size.


New option to mirror data in Y.

Display Bug Fix

On some systems, the rubber band left a ghost image. This has been fixed.

Display Bug Fix

Inverse display now works as expected. (black foreground/white background -> white foreground/black background)

Version 1.07 06/18/2013

Multi-Layer Support

Two files can be loaded and overlayed with color/transparency for comparison purposes.

Physical Units

Coordinate display can now be shown in physical units in order to make measurements.

Version 1.06 06/05/2013

New: Extract a Window ...

A window of data can now be extracted from the large bitmap. Output can be in TIF, BMP or RAW formats.

BMP Header Item Added

The header parameter, BITMAPCOREHEADER, for BMP files is now supported.

Version 1.05 05/28/2013

New: Zoom to XY Coordinate

A new command, Zoom to XY Coordinate, has been added.

New: File Re-Open

A new command, File Re-Open, has been added.

Version 1.04 05/23/2013

help and example files added

Added the html help and example file for VLBV

GUI Enhancements

Updates title bar right after File->Open.

Progress bar enhanced.

File Info box enhanced.

Default alignment type is selected when the "Define Alignment Type" box in a Row QA Dialog for raw input files is checked

Version 1.03 05/16/2013

Intial Release

Initial release of the Very Large Bitmap Viewer Program.

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